How to Install TUGEYES

These are the instructions for the original TUGEYEs recommended for Royalex and Rotomoldeded Polyethylene canoes.
For the installation instructions for TUGEYE2's used for closed hulls and composite boats, Click here.

Tools needed:

Pen, Knife, Tape measure, and Drill with a 5/8 inch spade drill bit (This bit can be purchased for a few dollars at any hardware store if you don't have one.) The installation kit comes with an insertion tool, screw, and hex wrench.
Nine Quick Steps to Install your TUGEYE

Figure A: Marking hole locations with template
(1) Hold template against end of canoe, aligning center line of template with vertical center of canoe, and so that drill marks are about 4 inches down from the top and about 2 inches in from the end of the canoe. See Figure A.

(2) Mark through template. Double check your marks!

Drilling a hole
Figure B: Drilling a hole
(3) Drill a 5/8 inch hole slowly through the side of the canoe. We suggest using a spade drill bit and an electric drill. See Figure B.

(4) Snap the stainless steel push-on ring into the furnished insertion tool, prongs facing towards the tool.

Inserting TUGEYE
Figure C: Inserting TUGEYE
(5) Start the TUGEYE into the hole from the outside.

Assembly Cross-section
Assembly Cross-section
(6) Insert the screw from the outside, through the TUGEYE, boat wall, and into the insertion tool with the ring in place. See assembly cross-section.

Hex wrench
Figure D: Tightening with the hex wrench
(7) Tighten with hex wrench until the TUGEYE lies flat against the wall of the boat. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Just snug up. See Figure D.

(8) Remove the insertion and screw. Repeat on the other side.

Cut-away view
Figure E: Cut-away view
(9) Measure tubing and cut so that it will touch both sides of the boat when installed. A good way to determine the correct length is to cut and fit a small piece of paper at this location. We suggest cutting the tubing slightly longer at first and then checking the fit. The tubing can be cut with a sharp knife. Slip the tube into place.


We recommend using braided 3/8" polypropylene line in bright colors. It should float and have no knot on the free end (Heat the end with a flame to keep it from unraveling). We find a good length is 25' for general expedition and whitewater use. Longer lines are sometimes necessary for lining around large rocks and high cliffs however the rest of the time longer lines are a nuisance to keep orderly on your deck. An extra length can always be tied on for these instances. We recommend tying (as opposed to splicing) the painter through the TUGEYE with a bowline knot. This allows for removing the painter so that the rope may be used for other purposes or the rope exchanged for a longer length as conditions dictate. With the TUGEYE the rope slips through the hole freely and can be removed easily.
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