How to Install TUGEYES2

These are the installation instructions for TUGEYE2's used for closed hulls and composite boats. For the instructions for the original TUGEYEs recommended for Royalex and Rotomoldeded Polyethylene canoes, Click here.

Tools needed:

Pen, Hammer, Pliers, Block of wood, Paper towels, and Drill with a sharp 3/4 inch spade drill bit (This bit can be purchased for a few dollars at any hardware store if you don't have one.) The installation kit comes with an insertion tool, template, adhesive, TUGEYE2's, anchor sleeve, guide tube, tube trim ring, razor blade, cleaner, and instructions.
Nine Quick Steps to Install your TUGEYE2's

Choose location and drill
Photo 1: Align template
1. Align centerline of template with centerline of boat to determine best location for TUGEYE2's. Min. width 1" at narrowest point. Refer to Assembly cross-section. Mark both sides. See Photo 1.

2. Drill separately at slow speed, each side of boat perpendicular to the surface w/sharp 3/4 inch spade drillbit. Sand/roughen hull around hole 1/8 in wider for good adhesive bond. Clean. Alcohol works well.

Inserting tube
Photo 2: Inserting tube through boat
3. Insert tubing thru boat with min. 1/4 inch protruding, each side. Stirring stick will help guide tube thru second hole. See Photo 2.

Trim tube
Photo 3: Trim tube
4. Slip large ring over tube, on one side flush with boat hull. With ring as guide, trim tube with razor flush with outboard side of ring. Remove ring. Photo 3.

Inserting TUGEYE2
Photo 4: Insert TUGEYE2 and sleeve with insertion tool
5. Mix adhesive. Apply between tube and hole. Also, sparingly to sanded area hidden by TUGEYE's flange. See Photo 4.

6. Push TUGEYE into tube and almost flush with hull using hammer handle.

Push with hammer handle
Photo 5: Push TUGEYE2 into hull
Tap flush if necessary
Photo 6: Tap flush if necessary
7. Slide sleeve over insertion tool. Smear adhesive into center of TUGEYE. Push tool with sleeve into TUGEYE hole with hammer handle as far as possible using moderate force. This expands TUGEYE inside of boat securing tubing. Tool shoulder should be flush with TUGEYE and TUGEYE flush with hull. If necessary, back up other end of tubing with block of wood and lightly tap against tool to finish seating. See Photos 5 and 6.

Remove insertion tool
Photo 7: Remove insertion tool
Remove excess adhesive
Photo 8: Remove excess adhesive immediately
8. Pull insertion tool from TUGEYE. With supplied cleaner and paper towel, clean all extra adhesive immediately. See Photos 7 and 8.

9. Repeat steps 4 thru 8 on opposite side of boat to finish installation.

Assembly Cross-Section


We recommend using braided 5/16" polypropylene line in bright colors. It should float and have no knot on the free end (Heat the end with a flame to keep it from unraveling). We find a good length is 25' for general expedition and whitewater canoe use. For kayaks, length depends upon personal preference. Longer lines are sometimes necessary for lining around large rocks and high cliffs however the rest of the time longer lines are a nuisance. We recommend tying (as opposed to splicing) the painter through the TUGEYE2 with a bowline knot. This allows for removing the painter so that the rope may be used for other purposes or the rope can be exchanged for a bicycle-type cable lock. With the TUGEYE2 the rope slips through the hole freely and can be removed easily.
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